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1.What is Pega?

Pega is a Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that allows businesses to build scalable and robust applications.

2.Explain the key features of Pega.

Case Management, BPM, Real-time Decisioning, DCO (Directly Capture Objectives), and scalability.

3.What is Case Management in Pega?

A way to manage work objects in a business process, providing a framework to define, automate, and track business processes.

4.What is a Rule in Pega?

A rule is a fundamental unit of Pega application development, encapsulating business logic and behavior.

5.What is RuleSet?

RuleSet is a collection of rules, versioned together, that forms a unit of deployment for Pega applications.
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers

6.Explain Rule Resolution in Pega?

Rule Resolution is the process Pega uses to select the most appropriate rule at runtime based on availability, security, and other criteria.

7.What is the difference between a Class and a RuleSet?

A Class defines the structure and behavior of objects, whereas a RuleSet is a versioned container for storing rules.

8.What is a Case Type in Pega?

Case Type represents a specific type of work that Pega handles, including its stages, steps, and data.

9.Explain the concept of Stages and Steps in a Case Type?

Stages are high-level groupings of tasks within a case, and Steps are individual actions or assignments within those stages.

10.What is a Flow in Pega?

A Flow defines the sequence of tasks or assignments that drive a case towards completion.
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Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers

11.What are Data Pages in Pega?

Data Pages are containers that store data retrieved from an external source or computed within Pega, and they can be accessed throughout the application.

12.Explain different modes of Data Pages?

Modes include Read-only, Savable, Editable, and Page List.

13.What is a Data Transform?

A Data Transform is used to map, transform, and manipulate data within Pega applications.

14.How does Pega integrate with external systems?

Pega integrates using Connectors (SOAP, REST, etc.) and Services (SOAP, REST, etc.).

15.What are Connectors in Pega?

Connectors are rules that allow Pega to initiate communication with external systems.
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers

16.What are Services in Pega?

Services are rules that expose Pega application functionalities to external systems.

17.What are Sections in Pega?

Sections are UI components used to define the layout and content of user interfaces.

18.What is a Harness in Pega?

A Harness is a rule that defines the overall structure of the user interface, including sections, headers, and footers.

19.Explain the purpose of a Portal in Pega?

A Portal provides a customized user interface for different roles within a Pega application

20.What is a Report Definition in Pega?

A Report Definition is a rule that specifies the criteria for retrieving and displaying data from the Pega database.
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers

21.Explain the difference between List View and Summary View reports?

List View displays detailed data in a tabular format, while Summary View aggregates and summarizes data.

22.What are Sub Reports in Pega?

Sub Reports are embedded within main reports to provide additional details or aggregated data.

23.What are Access Groups in Pega?

Access Groups define the permissions and application access for different users.

24.What is an Access Role?

An Access Role is a collection of permissions that can be assigned to users or groups.

25.Explain the purpose of Privileges in Pega?

Privileges are used to control access to specific rules or features within an application.
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers

26.What are Declarative Rules in Pega?

Declarative Rules automatically update property values based on changes to other properties, such as Declare Expressions.

27.What is Rule Optimization in Pega?

Rule Optimization involves enhancing the performance of rules, particularly decision-making rules.

28.Explain the purpose of the Pega Clipboard?

The Clipboard is a memory-resident data structure used to store and manage the runtime data of cases.

29.What is a Circumstance in Pega?

Circumstance allows the creation of rule variants based on specific conditions or context.

30.What are Decision Tables and Decision Trees?

Decision Tables and Trees are rule forms used to model complex decision logic based on multiple conditions.
Pega Interview Questions
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers

31.What is a Declarative Page?

A Declarative Page is a special type of Data Page that automatically updates based on declarative rules.

32.Explain the process of Rule Deployment in Pega?

Rule Deployment involves packaging rulesets into a Product rule and using deployment tools to migrate them across environments.

33.What are the different types of testing in Pega?

Unit Testing, Automated Testing, and Performance Testing.

34.How do you perform Unit Testing in Pega?

Using the PegaUnit testing framework to create and run test cases for individual rules.

35.What are Pega Best Practices?

Guidelines for rule design, naming conventions, rule reuse, and efficient application development.
Pega Interview Questions
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers

36.Explain Guardrails in Pega?

Guardrails are best practice guidelines that help ensure the quality and maintainability of Pega applications.

37.What is a Pega Application Profile?

A document that outlines the functional and technical requirements, scope, and design considerations of a Pega project.

38.What is Pega Robotics?

Pega Robotics (formerly OpenSpan) is a suite of tools for automating desktop applications and integrating them with Pega applications.

39.Explain the concept of Pega Customer Decision Hub?

The Customer Decision Hub is a real-time decision-making engine that uses AI and analytics to provide personalized customer experiences.

40.What is Pega Infinity?

Pega Infinity is a suite that includes BPM, CRM, AI, and robotics capabilities, aimed at enhancing digital transformation.
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Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers

41.Describe a scenario where you used Pega to solve a business problem?

Example: Implementing a customer service solution to streamline case handling and improve response times.

42.How did you handle performance issues in a Pega application?

Example: Identifying bottlenecks using performance tools, optimizing SQL queries, and fine-tuning declarative rules.

43.What is the Pega Rulebase?

The Rulebase is the underlying database where all Pega rules and related data are stored.

44.Explain the difference between a Work Object and a Case?

A Work Object is an older term referring to an instance of work, whereas a Case is the modern term emphasizing the lifecycle of work.

45.What is the use of Tracer in Pega?

Tracer is a debugging tool used to trace the execution of rules and identify issues in Pega applications.
Pega Interview Questions
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers

46.How do you configure SLA (Service Level Agreement) in Pega?

By defining goals, deadlines, and escalation actions in SLA rules to ensure timely completion of tasks.

47.What is a Property in Pega?

A Property is an attribute or data element that defines a specific piece of information in a case or data object.

48.Explain Pega’s Directly Capture Objectives (DCO) methodology?

DCO is a collaborative approach that involves stakeholders directly in capturing and refining business requirements within Pega.

49.What is the purpose of a Decision Rule?

Decision Rules, such as Decision Tables and Trees, encapsulate business logic to automate decision-making processes.

50.How does Pega support Agile development methodologies?

Pega supports Agile through iterative development, real-time collaboration tools, and continuous integration practices.
Pega Interview Questions
Top 50 Best pega interview questions and answers

Top 50 Best Pega Interview Questions and Answers

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